Train The Trainer Programmes


Wanting to be a Trainer to deliver SIA Licence Linked

We offer a package that enables you to become a full trainer, you can start trainer’s courses with us anytime (subject to eligibility Criteria).

  • Teaching and assessing Qualifications
  • Deliverer of Conflict Management
  • Deliverer of Physical Intervention
  • Deliverer of Physical Intervention Licence Arrangements

Setting up a new centre to provide SIA licence linked qualifications?

When it comes to Delivering SIA licence Linked Qualifications, Setting up a centre is a delicate process and involves a series of requirements to be met it is therefore imperative that professional help should be sought.


  • How a centre is formed and how it works

Centre Requirements

  • Policies, Practices, procedures

Trainer Requirements

  • Qualifications and experiences

IQA and Assessor’s Requirements

  • Assessing, assuring and monitoring systems

SIA and Awarding Body Requirements

  • Legislative and statuary requirements

Our Services above are specifically designed for SIA licence linked qualifications providers. We take the pain away from training providers who constantly juggle between delivering high quality training, quality assurance, and day to day centre management.

We have a team on experienced assessors, verifiers and quality assurance specialists who can help you run your trainings whether you are new or already delivering such training, always making sure that you remain compliant with any relevant policy or guidelines.

Our team includes many industry experts who have gone through the experience of running regulated training courses. We understand the difficulty new or small providers face with compliance, record keeping and data management and we were possible provide solutions to those running these trainings.

After Service Care / Centre Support

Delivery of these courses is not easy as one might think in the first place. We help a trainer develop schemes of work and lesson plans making sure regulatory requirements are met. After service care also depends on the type and level of support one would require.