Q. What is the aim of this course?

To work as a Door Supervisor, Security Guard or a CCTV Operator in the UK you will need SIA licence issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Bear in Mind working without a licence in a criminal offence.

One of the SIA licence application requirements is that you hold a recognised qualification, and the Level 2 Award in Door Supervision so are others are the requirement for the SIA Licence depending on the type of licence you want to get.

The SIA Door Supervisor training is run over the course of full four days. The assessment consists of 3 multiple choice papers with pass marks of 70% and a physical intervention assessment with 25 both write an answer and MCQ style questions.

NOTE: If you work as a Security Operative without the SIA licence or or undertake any activity for which a licence was required you are liable to a fine and/or prison imprisonment. For more information on SIA licensing or the SIA licence linked courses please call us for details. 

Q. Who is this course for?

Any one who is going to undertake a licenceable activity such as working a door supervisor or cctv operator for which a licence was required. Those who are returning to it having previously worked prior to the introduction of SIA licensing in 2004. WIll need to undertake the SIA training to be able to apply for the SIA licence

Q. What are the benefits?

The SIA recognised Level 2 Award for Security Qualifications such a door supervisor will enable you to get SIA licence. you will increase knowledge about private security industry of the UK and your employment prospective.

Although the course syllabus will provide you with the basic knowledge needed to pass the exams, our instructors will also demonstrate to you the real life situations of being a SIA Door Supervisor or SIA Security Guard, that will help deal with difficult situations when they occur during your time at work place you will feel much more confident in your new role.

Q. How can book a course?

Just give us call on our free phone 08002461786 or 07878110483 to reserve your place or if any further information on anything is required 

Q. Can I pay by debit or credit card?

You can pay cash or make a bank transfer please give us call for our bank account details.  

Q. Can I pay on the day?

Yes, but only if you were already booked on the course and paid £50 at the time of booking remainder of the fee is required no later than on 1st day of the training.

Q. When will I receive my result?

Results normally become available within 10 working days of the last day of the training. We aim to notify you about the results on a same day it comes out. We normally make a phone call, send a text or an email telling you about the result.

Q. When will I receive my certificate?

Certificates to which positive result relate become available 3 days of the results day although the centre will ask you if you want to make a collection or you want your certificate posted to your desired address however you do not need a certificate to apply for your licence as SIA will be notified about the results same time as you. 

Q. Do I have to complete the e-learning?

 E-Learning is mandatory and must be completed before and during the course, on booking the course you will receive all the study material that includes hard and soft copies.

Q. What ID documents do I have to bring along?

if you have a valid passport of any nationality and a UK driving licence (full or provisional) you do not need to provide any further document.

if one of them(passport of driving licence) is missing you are required to provide 2 more proof of address like bank statement, council tax, credit card bill,utility gas,water,electric bill if you still are unsure please give us a call and we are more than happy to advise on this.

in all cases you are required to provide 2 passport size photos.  

Q. Who will be my training provider?

we are the SIA approved training provider listed as approved training provider on SIA website. 

Q. Who am I booking with?

Directly with Training Provider. we are known as Industry Training for Skills.

Q. I paid but I have not received a booking confirmation email?

If you completed the booking process and did not receive any error messages along the way, then this means that it is possible that your email confirmation has become stuck in spam or junk mail filters. Please check your junk mail folders for the email. or alternatively give us a call for any clarifications. 

Q. I did not like my training and would like to lodge a formal complaint, what do I do?

we are more than happy to know if any area for improvement is identified. please do not be afraid to reach us if you are unhappy about anything. we have a formal complaint procedure that you can use and we aim to rectify any problems(within our power) as soon as it is identified. 

Q. Are all the security courses run by us are the the SIA approved?

Yes. and you can find us on SIA website as approved training provider.

Q. How and when can I contact you?

 You can contact us by phone, email and chat. Our chat service is available from 09:00-19:00

To send us an email or access the live chat feature, simply click the green support tab or chat icon on our homepage. If you prefer to speak to someone via telephone, you can reach us on 0800 2461786 or 07878110483

Q. When will I get my results?

The results of your course are released within 10 working days from the last day of your course.

Q. What happens if I fail my course?

Although our pass rate is over 90% however if you have been unable to pass any of exams for instance you failed one of four exams you will only come back for that particular exam you failed you can choose to sit in exam only as re-training is not required for this purpose.

Q. Does my qualification or licence transfer to other countries?

Although, The SIA license is only valid in the UK. You will not be able to use the SIA license for work in any other country however you can ask relevant authority of that particular country if there are any exemptions available for the holder of this qualification and licence.