SIA CCTV Licence Linked Training Course


This course is a legal requirement to obtain the SIA CCTV Licence which enables you to work as a CCTV operator. CCTV Operators usually work in a control room which is connected to a wide array of camera footage. Employers typically include security companies, medium-large corporations, local councils.

According to the British Security Industry Authority (BSIA), the UK has an estimated 6 million CCTV cameras. Behind these cameras are CCTV Operators viewing and observing footage and images to keep property and the public safe.

If you are looking to work as a CCTV operator, this is the right qualification for you.

How can I get the CCTV Licence?

  1. Book and complete your 3 day CCTV training course
  2. As soon as your result is out then
  3. Complete the SIA application process on the SIA’s website

CCTV Course Content

The SIA CCTV course runs over 3 days and is divided into 3 units:

  • Unit 1: Working in The Private Security Industry.
  • Unit 2: Working as a CCTV Operator
  • Unit 3: Practical Use of CCTV Systems

At the end of the CCTV course, you will be required to pass two 3 assessments including practical to achieve your qualification.

We can imagine that assessments can be a bit of worry but we assure you there is no need to panic. Everything you need to know for the assessment is covered in the CCTV Operator course and your tutor will ensure that you meet the minimum requirements of the course.

Our pass rates are over 95% for this course

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